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Open ended questions to start a therapy session
Section:  Nutrition
I often start my nutrition therapy sessions with the question, “What are your concerns and what are you hoping we can accomplish together? The responses I get are so very varied. Some people will say “I don’t know, didn’t my doctor tell you?” Others will say “My doctor told me to come,” or “this was my wife’s idea.” Yet others will say things that are more self directed like “I know I need to lose weight and I’m hoping you can help me,” or “my blood sugars are all over the place and I just don’t know what I supposed to eat.”

Mary Austin did a wonderful lecture that you can view entitled "Fostering
Behavior Change through Effective Conversations with Clients
". I was wondering if any of you have any particular questions that you use that seem to help patients convey what is truly on their minds and on their agendas ? If so, please share them with us.